miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

Instrucciones para reconocer a un X philo

Dear Frank,

After six years, I have to admit that I never believed I would see this film come true. I have written to you once before, saying thank you for all you and the X team have given to the world, and what is most important, to that "global culture," to the people, no matter what country we are from or what language we speak.I also explained to you the reasons why I loved the series immediately and why I still love it, so many years after it ended.This last month was different. The film was due to be realeased in Argentina the 24th of July. I had planed everything for that date. Unfortunately, the date was changed... but... after waiting for sooooo long, What's the difference? Some more days...

Anyway, those days inspired me in so many ways you can't imagine. I could say I'm an artist, that my art are words and paint, but no.The real art in me are the things that inspire me.Yes, at this point it's no news that I found in "The X-Files" one of the greatests forms of inspiration.Once again, here I go with my brushes and paint...I made that painting before I saw the film. And I saw it just yesterday, 14th of August. Perhaps I will never know why, ten years after the first movie I react like that little girl at the cinema, but my heart will always remember how you guys played with it so smartly! I love when you do that, when I don't know what to expect, when I know the obvious, when I just relax and wait.

Now I feel I can understand (a day after!) what you did, you really brought back the essence of the show, you made me chill and lough, and THINK."The X-Files" kept me thinking during the last... During the last eighteen years -- that's a life, guys. My life in particular.So, in a way the painting that is attached tries to show you how grateful I am for this movie no matter the date release ¬¬, no matter the things I did not like, I'm grateful. Perfection is impossible, but you gave us "X-Files."

Thanks A LOT.


Buenos Aires, Argentina.

P.S. I just LOVED Skinner! It was SO funny and curiously thrilling at the same time!

Ah, Frank leyó mi mail. Sí. Soy feliz.